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Gold is the currency used in Latecia which can be used for many purposes.


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Gold may be obtained through various ways, such as:

Clicking on the shimmering trees on the airship

Mission Rewards

Quest Rewards

Purchased from the Shop

Special Package rewards

Special Events rewards

Purchasable Packages

Receiving Bingo Pieces

Gold Dungeon

Dungeon Running (Or just playing the game)

Clan Battle Participation

Gold Lucky Box (From Clan Shop)

Defeating Astromon (Midrun)


Monster TabEdit

  • Evolution / Awakenings / Feed Berries to empower your Astromon (300Gold - 3000Gold - ?)
  • Upgrade Gems (2000Gold+)
  • Level up skills with spell books. (100,000Gold+-)

Summon TabEdit

  • Fuse Astromon (50,000Gold - 300,000Gold - 500,000Gold - 1,000,000Gold)
  • Rebirth Astromon (10,000Gold)
  • Hatch/Incubate Eggs (1,000Gold - 3,000Gold - 5,000Gold - 10,000Gold - 20,000Gold - 50,000Gold - 100,000Gold - 300,000Gold)